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Xbox slims down and boast 4K

Microsoft ships out a slimmer version of it’s pioneering gaming system this August. Don’t fret this hardwares crash diet, the fitting titled “Xbox One S” packs an even bigger punch than it’s predecessor. Boasting a lofty 2TB hard drive alongside a resolution output of 4K Ultra HD coupled with High Dynamic Range technology to deliver those intense contrast ratios with in-depth game playback. The wins don’t stop there. The Xbox One S can power on/off your other devices such as your TV or audio receiver with the aide of IR Blaster. This juiced up Microsoft minime will reconnect you with the Xbox 360 classics. Nostalgia isn’t the only thing you’ll experience with this unit, you can now savor your gaming glory with controllers outfitted with bluetooth and increased communication distance.


If the 2013 unit was not your taste aesthetically, opting for this sleek crisp white rendition may just so happen to be your flavor.