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Why Your Credit Card May Be Useless

The traditional means of in-store, online & in-app purchasing have changed. Your myriad of credit cards is no longer needed to make purchases with haste. Sure you’re familiar with NFC payment options. Simply place your phone over a reader and BAM! Insta SALE! Or keying in your CC in those tiny CC forms online. Either way, you check out, prepare for a major upgrade.

Recently Facebook has empowered developers the ability to leverage it’s in-app payment options. Doing so saves shoppers from being redirected to third-party websites in order to confirm their purchases. Apple has joined in on the race to simplify online payment options with the release of their latest iOS system. Express payment options will utilize Apple Pay and can be embedded in a website, a mobile app and inside iOS default messenger. Apple released the update just in time for developers to embed the new streamlined payment services into their consumer solutions.

For the end-user to process their purchase using either system would require them to add a credit card to their account. At this moment facebook and Apple do not accept some debit cards and prepaid cards. With Apple, you do have the option of utilizing credit from your iTunes account to complete purchases by attaching it to your Apple Wallet.

Of course, in-store payments with NFC have just begun to gain steam and have become a mainstay for most businesses. In-app, in-browser and in-messenger purchase options will only extend the reach of a brands marketing power by adding a shortcut to their payment funnels.