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Why Your Credit Card May Be Useless

The traditional means of in-store, online & in-app purchasing have changed. Your myriad of credit cards is no longer needed to make purchases with haste. Sure you’re familiar with NFC payment options. Simply place your phone over a reader and BAM! Insta SALE! Or keying in your CC in those tiny CC forms online. Either

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Meet Kobe Bryant, the $100 million venture capitalist.

The tech industry is no stranger to venturing capital investments. In 2015 VC’s invested nearly $130 billion into roughly 8,000 techs focused startups. That’s an increase of nearly 44% over the previous year. Cutting-edge advancements in computing abilities have been attained In light of the years of heavy investment into the tech arena. Wide scale Read more

Purpl to go on hiatus

On Wednesday, June, 22nd Momo Information Technologies Corp announced that they will cease operations on their social advisor app Purpl. Purpl has been described as the “Real Answers from Real People” App. Purpl, steamed rolled it’s way into app stores only four months ago, but in that time it claimed a coveted spot among the

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Xbox slims down and boast 4K

Microsoft ships out a slimmer version of it’s pioneering gaming system this August. Don’t fret this hardwares crash diet, the fitting titled “Xbox One S” packs an even bigger punch than it’s predecessor. Boasting a lofty 2TB hard drive alongside a resolution output of 4K Ultra HD coupled with High Dynamic Range technology to deliver Read more